The Looong Winter Slog

Grey skies and flurries of white and the drip, drip, drip of the rain spout remind me that we are still in the midst of winter. Even the robins foraging en masse in the European Mountain Ash, picking the very last of the orange berries cannot convince me that Spring is around the corner.

I am eagerly awaiting the the purple violets peeking through the crust of snow and crocuses courageously raising their faces to the sun. Then come the daffodils, tulips, and hyacinths. A glorious array of color and scents!

Oh, but I am letting spring yearning get away from me as I sit here at my computer where you will, most likely, find me day in and day out. So much correspondence to answer…all good but seemingly endless. I put off things like writing a newsletter and reaching out to my most faithful supporters.

As you may know, The Microcosmic Cartoon Show was one of only two finalists for the Faith in Film International Screenwriting Competition. They say it is “Fantastic…absolutely brilliant”.

I have decided not to enter any more competitions for now. Nine awards are about as many as I can fit on my postcard. Really though, it gets expensive and I have proved that we have a damn good movie! Now we have to get it made!

So, dear friends, here is the news of the last few months…. I took off to the Oaxaca Film Festival in Mexico in October where The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show won an award. There were many showings of mostly short films, some excellent and some, shall we say, not. But everyone had a good time.

We were able to pitch to two producers and I was buoyed by the excellent reception I got. The productions they chose to produce were Mexican, however. Ah well.

I came back to Paonia with a wicked chest cold and started to blitz through the necessary preparations for my trip to AFM (the American Film Market) in Santa Monica in November. Off I went with all my contacts, meetings, LookBooks, One Sheets, etc., in tow.

That was a a whirlwind of activity and pitches, meeting new people, catching up with contacts I had made previously and listening to what others were doing. There were three thousand people there and I just couldn’t meet with them all. I made some really good connections and we are in discussions with several.

I have some excellent possibilities but most depend on my raising a substantial amount of funding to keep it all going. That is where you come in…

Yes, once again I am asking you to donate to the production so I can keep advancing the possibilities that I have been developing. I am expecting a Miracle and you, dear ones are the angels delivering it. Please spread you benevolent wings and drop your tax deductible financial blessings here:

                 Friends of the MicroCosmic Cartoon Show

We are so grateful that you are inspired to make a difference in the world with your support of consciousness raising movies.

We received another blessing in the form of the Dove Seal of Approval, which is awarded to movies that inspire and illuminate our spirit. This is like getting the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval, only for movies. It ensures a very big audience of families who are looking for uplifting entertainment for their lifestyle.


After the traveling, celebrations of birthdays, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and more birthdays, I was pretty exhausted and it has taken a toll on my health. I keep going but with less energy. It is harder to bounce back so I figure these wintry days are best for laying low.

My computer is my best friend and I can catch up on all the correspondence that has been patiently waiting for my attention.

May you all enjoy the quiet time. Spring will be here soon enough with new life all around.



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