The Looong Road to Production

My apologies to you all for taking such an inordinate time to write another newsletter. I am sure you know how time gets usurped by any number of Must Do NOW tasks.

Well here is a bit of what has occupied my attention this summer. Of course it has not been all work and no play either.

My ninth grandchild, Kinley Margaret Kier (Kiki) was born in June and Surya, my daughter, and I went up to Boulder to take care of her two older siblings for the long wait. She is, of course, worth waiting for and is so cute.

Our work on revamping the website for The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show is taking way longer than I had anticipated, but will be much easier to navigate and quite beautiful. I am excited to get it finished and out to you. I will have a separate website for Prema Rose Productions. At some point all movie productions have to have their own website. It is so mandated.

Of course, living in this orchard haven of Paonia in the North Fork Valley, it has been an abundant summer with trees dripping with apricots, cherries, peaches, plums, and pears. Those take a lot of processing although I took the easy way out and froze most. My canning pot disappeared into the depths of mystery. Now we will be deep in apples. Such a plethora of bounty!

So…in addition…I am in the throes of preparing to go to the Oaxaca Film Festival where we are an Official Selection winner. I would be excited if I did not have so much work to get all my P&A (print and advertising) ducks in order. I am making new postcards to include the newest awards. 

Faith in Film Screenwriting Competition says The Microcosmic Cartoon Show is “Fantastic…absolutely brilliant”.

Of course, I am thrilled to get such affirming kudos as, sometimes I think I must be a masochistic idiotic mad woman to take on such a huge project. But, as some of you know, I haven’t a choice but to see this through to completion. I was charged to take this on as my life’s work (as it turns out) in a Near Death Experience when I was 28.

Well here I am at 77 years young and what a long strange road it has been. There was the time out to raise 4 children and practice midwifery for 25 years, but the movie was always developing on the back burner, as it were.

Then, in November, I am off again to the American Film Market in Santa Monica, where I will pitch to as many industry movers and shakers as I can. Wish me success!

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