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I wanted to find out how my Pitch Deck would fare in competition internationally. I have felt that it was quite strong with all the elements that I have produced over some years, which included a major tax incentive for investors, a beautiful LookBook, an animated sizzle reel, a live action scene, the recordings of eight of the original songs, the budget and business plan, the screenplay, and more. But how well would it stand up in the film industry?

And so, I entered a pitch deck competition with the Santa Barbara International Pitch Deck Competition. I am very happy to say that The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show won an Honorable Mention award. There were entries from 33 states and 20 countries.

This win gives me the confidence that my production is noteworthy, not only on the strength of the script, which has won 14 awards, but also it has built-in production value that is so important to producers and financiers.

I am, also, in process with Largo AI. This is a program that breaks down every aspect of the script and production into its various components from audience engagement to the financial projections in the worldwide market. But, more on that later!

Once again, I am reaching out to my circle for donations to keep this project afloat. It is a very large bite for me to chew. I really do need your financial support and, if you love delightfully uplifting and deeply meaningful movies then, please join us and give whatever you can to Friends of The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show 501 C3 nonprofit educational arm of the project.

Many grains of sand create a beach!

As there are so many deeply spiritual aspects in the movie, I am writing expositions of some of them to bring audiences into a fuller realization of their own life journeys.

You can make a donation on the at this link: .

Thank you for your generosity and support for this truly groundbreaking film experience.

Prema Rose

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