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Prema Rose Productions presents visually compelling and provocative animated and live action movies that will deepen our understanding of who we are and serve to enrich and inspire our lives.
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03 Jul Backyard Spring

Created by Prema Rose Backyard Spring was my first solo film. I wanted to do a movie that I could film on my own, within the confines of a tiny budget, and within the scope of my immediate experience. I decided to document Spring coming... READ MORE

30 Jun The Dragon Boy

Screenplay in Development by Prema Rose and Donald Samson Based on a Novel by Donald Samson Under the clandestine apprenticeship of Star, the Luck Dragon, a twice orphaned boy is prepared against all odds for his hidden destiny as a wandering knight and Dragon Keeper,... READ MORE

30 Jun The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show

the MicroCosmic Cartoon Show Logo The LookBook for The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show provides a glance of the potentional artistic styles of the movie. Much of the "look" will be determined by the director, the animation house(s), as well as our budget. This is, by no... READ MORE

30 Jun Harvest of Horrors

In Development by: Stig Plantell Tage Plantell Prema Rose Underprepared for the responsibility of a newly inherited farm, Colt Peterson must seek the help of his estranged brother to contain a dreadful crop of pumpkins. Mayhem and mishaps ensue as the ferocious gourds terrorize the... READ MORE