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Looking Through the Lens of 2023

As I look back over the months of this year, I feel blessed by the almost imperceptible growth of fortitude that increases daily. After coming through a bout of cancer and Covid, I can really appreciate the remarkable healing power of our bodies and spirit and the will to keep persevering.

I am in gratitude for the gracious generosity of those who believe that the work that I am fully committed to is important to the healing of this planet. I had won numerous awards for my animated/live-action musical screenplay, The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show, over the years and felt a need to step back from entering competitions. How many laurels could I fit on my postcard anyway?

What would be the best way to further my passion for transformational, fun, uplifting, and inspiring movies? There is such a dearth of productions that can feed the souls of hungry audiences.

So, I decided to pivot into writing a book that will guide screenwriters to take a dive into their own creative  genius. I took a year’s course on how to go about marketing such a venture. All well and good, now all I had to do was write. After much deliberation and a few false starts, I settled on the thrust of the book.

My long background into deep spiritual work had to be the entry into the premise of the journey. What has evolved is a workbook , Create Your Conscious Movie. We examine the ways consciousness plays out in our creative endeavors. There is much to explore and I am, in no way ready to publish. I hope that it will inspire and equip writers to plunge into an unknown ocean of possibility. I also offer some of the tools that I have learned over the years of learning how to produce a movie.

As far as getting my production funded and packaged, I have created a strong Pitch Deck but I still need to attach my Director, Musical Director and Talent. Of course, the industry strikes slowed that process down for months.

I decided to see if the screen play was still “juicy” enough to warrant top attention.

I entered and won three awards in major screenplay completions. That was the validation I needed to press on. This is the feedback I got from a pitch I did this week.

This is very impressive and incredibly ambitious. I love the musical aspect and the years of work you have put into this. With so much material it is hard to give any real feedback as this feels fully baked. The faith based elements make this a prime candidate for grant money or a faith based campaign. There is also a massive built in audience for these types of films if you can get it made. Best of luck!

Mike Griffin, Producer, MAKE GOOD Content

So… we are having a bake sale!

I am reaching out to you all to make a donation to my Friends of The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show 501c3.  (The tax deductible arm of the production).

Many grains of sand create a beach!

I cannot do this work without you so, please generously join in this ground-breaking production.

See and hear what I have created so far at www.premaroseproductions.com.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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