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Prema Rose Productions presents visually compelling and provocative animated and live action movies that will deepen our understanding of who we are and serve to enrich and inspire our lives.
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Prema Rose


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Prema Rose

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Prema Rose grew up in an artistic and theatrical family in New York City and began her professional career in the theater when she was fourteen. Her birth name was Pamela Gruen. She went on to be a member of The National Repertory Theater, playing around the USA and on Broadway. She was in the original Broadway casts of The Roar of the Greasepaint, the Smell of the Crowd and Not Now Darling. She appeared on several major TV shows, including Love of Life, Dupont Show of the Week, and The Ed Sullivan Show. Prema was, also, in The American Shakespeare Festival and The National Theater of Canada, Stratford companies.

During a Near Death Experience, Prema was given a choice to “Go to God” or return to do something important with her husband-to-be, Hugh A. Rose. Her spiritual path was opening up with her engagement in the Fourth Way Work of George Gurdjieff. A transmission of a story and music of, what has become The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show occurred between Christmas Eve to New Year’s Eve of 1970. Within a month, she and Hugh had left the USA and began an over four year journey around the world and back again. They lived in Ibiza, Spain, and found the Gurdjieff school they had been looking for in England. After a year, they began a journey across Europe and the Mid-East to India. Prema knew she was to have a baby in Auroville, India and in 1974 Suryananda was born there. Their teacher in England called for them to come back to West Virginia and help begin a school and community at Claymont Court. There, Hugh and Prema birthed a son, Hugh Michael.

Prema’s experience in having her children at home was so powerful, she was drawn to serve birthing families. After Hugh and Prema separated, she moved to Boulder CO and she began a twenty-five year career as a midwife. With her second husband, she had two more children, Mira and Noah. When Prema retired from her midwifery practice, she began the work of bringing the animated musical feature screenplay into production. The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show won several awards at International Film Festivals and has garnered the attention of well known production companies and talent. It is a big film with a big vision to help bring the world into Harmony, Peace, and Love. Onward!