Monthly Donation

The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show Production, LLC is qualified for Section 181 of the U.S. Tax Code. This special section offers significant tax deductions for investors. The business plans are available upon your request.

Investments can be made by purchasing units, or partial units, as a share in the production. A unit is $100,000 and 1/10 of a unit is $10,000.

Smaller tax deductable amounts can be donated through our affiliated 501C3 corporation, Friends of The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show.

Section 181: United States Tax Code Investments

The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show Production, LLC was formed in November of 2011 as a separate entity to enable funding for this particular venture.

It has an extensive Business Plan, which you may request, if you are a serious investor or a potential producing partner.


Donations for any amount are graciously accepted. Donations of $50 or more will receive a signed and numbered print of The Circus Poster to be featured in the film.

Friends of The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show

The mission of the Friends of the MicroCosmic Cartoon Show, 501c3 is to engage thousands of individuals in a common vision of establishing a more harmonious and balanced world though the art form of Transformational Media.

A boy’s burning questions, “Who am I?”, “Why am I here?”, and “Where is here, anyway?” propel him through The Circus of Life on a journey of Self-realization, in this award winning musical adventure.

We are seeking to enroll donors in order to generate funding for the advancement of The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show production. We will provide in depth educational opportunities to examine The Hero’s Journey, within the metaphor of the movie, and how that applies to each of us. As the inspirational journey of our lives is unique to everyone, we hope to inspire the youth of the world to find their own path of transformation, consciously.

Thank you for your participation.

Monthly Donation