This Past Year In Review

It was one year ago today when I found out that I had to move from my home in the mountains west of Boulder, the home that I had built and birthed in for 36 years. At the time, it was devastating and seemed beyond my capability to pack up, release, and move on. I had until the end of July to leave.

It came down to the wire to find a new place to land. Nothing around Boulder County was suitable, either financially or spaciously. I was heartsick to leave the trees, the water, the gardens, and the sacredness of the land. I needed to have an office room, as most of my time is spent on the productions of my movie/TV projects.

My friend, Forrest, also needed to move at the same time, so we decided to join forces. We came down to Paonia, CO where my son, Michael, and his family have a farm and we felt right at home in this beautiful orchard valley. We found the perfect place for us, on the town park, with the most magnificent trees. The house is replete with a fabulous garden, which is Forrest’s specialty. There is plenty of room for both of us.

In November, I slipped on some ice and broke my ankle. That put me on the couch for the winter and Forrest in constant attendance. He was a champion of patience and caring. I am now exercising my ability to get out and about on my own and it feels great.

The work on the MicroCosmic Cartoon Show keeps moving along and my daughter, Surya, and I are developing an historical TV series. Very exciting! Thank God for Skype.

This has been quite a year and, now, I can say that I am truly grateful for the turns in the path that have brought me here.

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