Writing and writing; writing about this and that; writing stuff that matters and stuff I just have to get done. I am finding that just the action of writing has a therapeutic effect for me. I focus on what I am saying and how I am saying it. I really like to find the rhythms in the sentences and groupings of words, a turn of a phrase. There is a certain soothing something that allows me to get out of whatever emotional turmoil I may be lost in, remove myself from a personal quagmire, while at the same time, brings out the more objective viewpoint, the fun in a given situation. It is bringing forward the therapy of my own inner voice.

Now, that being said, there is the writing that is necessary to reach a certain goal. This is where I am finding myself at this moment with a task of rewriting the Introductory Scene for The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show. This will be the fifth draft. We are changing the setting again and presenting the characters in a different way from before. In my head, I am playing with the relationships between them and how that develops throughout the movie. I have not landed on anything yet that rings my bells. It has to be congruent with the rest of the script and serves the story going forward. If we change one small aspect, it will ripple throughout the whole script.

All my ideas that adhere to confines of the concept, seem outworn and stale. However I know that when I start writing, magic happens. When I face the empty page, the words flow out of each other, thoughts are expressed, and dialogue gets spoken. Trust is the necessary ingredient. Writing the adventure is the adventure in itself.

Working with Bonnie Solomon (development executive at Voyage Media and DreamWorks ) is bringing a whole texture to the script. She is saying what she wants to see us write that will enliven the screenplay and make this or that aspect more marketable. Many of the suggestions are ones that Surya and I know need to come forward and we have been talking about them at length, but Bonnie brings a level of experience that makes the actual writing more accessible.

Okay then! Onward to the empty page and the next iteration of exposition.

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