Much has been happening behind the scenes with Prema Productions and the MicroCosmic Cartoon Show these last several months. Here’s the skivvy….

I dissolved Prema Productions, LLC and have rebooted as Prema Rose Productions, LLC. Various reasons prompt this change. Firstly, I did not have the .com before (only .net and .org) and another film company was using the .com. This confused some people who typed in premaproductions.com. Although I like the impersonality of Prema (Divine Love in Sanskrit) Productions, I added the Rose. Now it points more to me but still retains the intention of putting transformational media out in the world.

Then, my daughter and co-producer, Surya Rose, wanted to step out on her own with her focus and talents. I needed to take her out of the company and the easiest way was to start over again. She will retain her rights as co-author on The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show.

Another big development is the new website www.premaroseproductions.com ! We have redesigned it and made it more user friendly. I encourage you to go to it and enjoy all the offerings. (If you still enter the www.premaproductions.net, it will link you to the new site. Then, if you only want to go to www.themicrocosmiccartoonshow.com, you will be taken straight to that page. I hope that is clear.

Also, I have a Director of Marketing and Development, Forrest Craver, who has a forty year
background in raising funds for many of the major institutions in the country. We are in the process of creating a 501C3, The Friends of the MicroCosmic Cartoon Show, LLC. This will allow tax deductable donations to be given to the production. It will encourage the educational arm of the company, since the material in the movie is a deep educational experience for the youth of the world. We are looking forward to being able to take the program into schools and spiritual facilities. We aspire to inspire an understanding of our individual and collective self worth and ability to bring harmony and balance to our lives and society.

In addition, I already have the Section 181 in place for major investors to get an outstanding tax incentive. If you are interested in buying a unit, or partial unit of the production, please contact us directly.

A very well known producer is interested in joining the team as a co-producer, if I have a good portion of the initial funding in place. Making a movie of this scope is not an inexpensive proposition.

So, our ducks are lining up in a row and quacking up a ruckus. I am very excited to be moving forward and I will attend this November’s American Film Market in Santa Monica.

I am so grateful for your friendship and encouragement and I will keep you posted as to further developments.

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