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The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show

I finally have a space in my life to write this next blog post. To be more accurate, I am taking advantage of this space to catch up with all of you. My apologies to you for being so out of touch.

We had a packed Christmas, as many of you did, and moving into 2019 brought a lot of activity. Working with Jack Binder, the executive producer, to get on the same page with all my production materials and updating some essential documents was first on the agenda. His movie, First Reformed, was nominated for Best Original Screenplay for the Academy Awards. They had already won at the Gotham Awards and The Golden Globe Awards. Although they did not win the Oscar, it is quite an honor to be nominated.

There were the follow-ups from my contacts from my meetings at AFM (The American Film Market) and figuring out what my next priorities were. I had such wonderful connections with several musicians/composers from around the world. I am very excited to move forward on the music. Since this movie is a musically  driven Symph-Rock-Tronic Operetta, I am focusing on the score and the direction we will go with the genres of the songs. Each character has their own voice and style. For instance, The Lion, The Bull, and The Eagle make up a Bluegrass band with the Lion playing a banjo, the Bull playing a washboard, and The Eagle playing a fiddle. What fun!

I am working up a few songs with a local band, The Scones, to expand the demo-CD and bring in some of the different sounds. They are really wonderful and are on the Indie Charts in the UK! Stay tuned to the announcement of the new CD.

My daughter and co-author of the script, Suryananda, has moved down to Paonia and is settling into her new life with her partner, Owen. Of course, she is an integral part of the production and is helping me out with the nitty-gritty tech challenges that we face. My son, Michael, and I are delighted to welcome her to the neighborhood.

I am excited to ease into Spring and blooming gardens after this very cold and snowy Winter. Of course, we really need the moisture, so no complaints.

See you around the bend!