The Waiting Game

It seems that life is a waiting game. What are we waiting for? Is it the elusive pie-in-the-sky dream to actualize or is it just the time it takes to get from point A to point B? How do we fill in the time between A (Birth) to Z (Death)? How do we set goals? How do we implement them? Perhaps we let life take us along willy-nilly.

If anyone had told me in 1970 that it would take me this long (and longer) for me to have results( ie. a movie released), I would have run the other way. Thank God for innocence and ignorance. All I knew was that a good metaphor for what was needed in the world had come through in a beautifully magical narrative and I had to pursue it to completion.

Well, a lot of life happened between then and now. I had two marriages, four children, and six grandchildren. I had a full midwifery practice for twenty-five years, wrote, did lots of volunteer work for several organizations, and slowly built a house. All the while, I kept a finger in the movie and helped it to inch forward. I knew the time would come when I could jump back in with both feet. I waited until the time was right.

When that time came, I was so ready, but knew so little. It has been a steep learning curve for the last ten years. How can one access all the material and resources needed to actually produce a film with very little in my proverbial pocket? Bit by bit, the project started to coalesce into a viable product. One of the best resources I found was with Stacey Parks’ Film Specific ( I needed a way to create a business plan. She was teaching a class. How do I prepare for the Film Markets? She had a Producer’s Incubator program. Direct input and member forums filled in the myriad of questions I had about the industry. Believe me, it is very complicated. Of course, the learning goes on and on and I have plugged into other very fine people and programs as well.

One such company is Voyage Media (, where I completed the Insiders Strategy and have just come back to begin working with them in their Professional Program. I am aligning with Bonnie Solomon. (She has been a producer at Walden Media and DreamWorks).   With my team there, I am leveraging their expertise and contacts to be able to position this movie, The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show, to market it to the various elements of the industry.

I wish I could say that the waiting is almost over, but not so. There is much work to be done yet. Keep in touch with the developments through this blog and sign up for the newsletter. I will be offering fun stuff to our subscribers.

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