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Prema Rose Productions presents visually compelling and provocative animated and live action movies that will deepen our understanding of who we are and serve to enrich and inspire our lives.
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Spring is in full bloom in Paonia, CO! The peach and cherry blossoms adorn the multitudinous orchards and the tulips, daffodils, and lilacs grace the lawns. This bursting of beauty makes my heart glad to be here.

In the far off distant land of L.A., The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show has won a Finalist Award for the screenplay at the Los Angeles Film and Script Festival. We are, of course, delighted to garner our fourth award.

Personally, and I might just be a tad prejudiced, I think we have a tremendous film in the making. It is magical, unusual, fun, and deeply penetrating. I hope that it will provoke thought and inquiry into the perennial questions, “Who am I?”, “Why am I here?”, and “Where is here anyway?”

We are all taking a journey together at this particular time, on this particular planet, and in this very particular body. The life we create out of our imaginations and according to the rules we have laid down through our conditioning, is the one we know and it must see us through to the end. Or, is it? Can we re-envision our journey in a way that corresponds more synchronously to our heart’s longing? Can we become the artist in the creation of our Masterpiece called “My Life”?

Each element of this story leads us to a fuller understanding of who we truly are and the immensity of our Being. We cannot be less. Oh, we may try to hide and not grasp our potential, forever sleeping in the Incubator of Becoming but, eventually, we get kicked out. Like baby birds, we must learn to fly.

The storms may toss us in the air and crash us to the ground, but that just makes us stronger so that we can spread our wings again. Like the confirmation in the gardens that Life is renewed once again, we sing of Spring and all the delights that it brings.

I hope that this movie will be a wind under your wings, to lift you on the currents of hope, inspiration, trust, and a willingness to enjoy the ride.