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Something to Consider

Here I am, writing a script that includes different diverse ethnic characters in the story. They are not caricatures or prototypes of any particular culture. All the characters are merely representative of people anywhere in America. Hence, we have them as follows:

Josh…Eastern Mediterranean decent
Jack…African American

So, in writing their descriptions, I found it rather tedious to write about them as “Whatever-American”. I started to fantasize about the possibility of shortening the nomenclature and starting a movement to informally call ourselves:

Josh: Middle Eastern people would be Sem-Am. (All the people from that region are Semitic, the Arabs, the Palestinians, the Sephardic Jews, the Syrians, the Iranians, etc. It is a mistake to label Anti-Semitic proclivities only towards Jewish peoples as the victims of Anti-Semitism, without including the rest of that heritage).

Joe: Would be, Cauc-Am

Terra: Would be, Lat-Am

Angie: Would be, As-Am (pronounced Aije-Am)

Jackie: Would be, Afr-Am

Now, I ask you, wouldn’t that be a whole lot easier and more concise to speak and write about groupings of peoples in this way? If you like this, spread it out to you social media channels. Let’s make it a movement!

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