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Punkins vs. Bunkins

Harvest of Horrors

In Development by:

Stig Plantell

Tage Plantell

Prema Rose

Underprepared for the responsibility of a newly inherited farm, Colt Peterson must seek the help of his estranged brother to contain a dreadful crop of pumpkins. Mayhem and mishaps ensue as the ferocious gourds terrorize the neighborhood.


On an acreage from a bygone era, a naïve Colt Peterson inherits a huge responsibility. After his dismissive father’s death, Colt is now burdened with a failing family farm. In his mother’s desperate effort to make the season a financial success, along comes the dark side of an unwholesome crop of pumpkins.

Colt must face his own darkness and seek the help of his estranged brother, Remy, before he can confront the growing threat from beyond the cornfields. Tensions mount when Janet May, the gal-next-door comes questioning some strange goings-on.

Only after the brothers set aside their differences, can they band together and take on the ferocious gourds attacking their local community. Janet, with her hunting rifle, covers them from atop the church belfry. The Peterson brothers go on an all out splatter fest of orange slime, swinging swords, six-gun slingin’, and monster truck crashing rampage. Colt rises to the occasion and saves his brother and the farm, proving that family, above all, is most important.