Paonia Peaches

Who doesn’t love peaches? Well, there may be a few hardened souls that do not like to sink their teeth into a juicy, ripe, succulent, fuzzy, delectable sphere of delight, but I don’t know any in Paonia, Colorado. Here in the North Fork Valley, the fruit orchards are dripping with cherries, apricots, pears, peaches, and apples. These are complemented by the most amazing varieties of grapes and berries of all sorts and descriptions. This area is the “Food Basket” of Western Colorado, replete with organic meats and fresh goat milk. What more could you ask for in the realm of edible sustenance?

I have been elbow deep in peach juice, sorting, canning, and freezing my own personal supply that will complement my Christmas table fare. That is, if we don’t eat it all before. (Not likely though, as we have lots). In the meantime, I have been making peach glaze for pork roasts and chicken breasts. Yah, I know, meat and fruit is not a recommended combination but, oooh, do I love it. How about marinated tempeh for the vegetarians? Yum!

By now, you must think that I am all about food. Not so. I have been working diligently on producing The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show, my animated / live-action musical. It is a long slow process of obtaining enough funding to support all the elements that go into a production.

My entertainment lawyer, Corky Kessler, is now listed in the “About” section of the website, at his request. I am very fortunate to have his support of the project. I have approached my director of choice and am awaiting this individual’s response. Of course, I can’t jump the gun, so that will remain a mystery for now.

I am gathering my resources to go to the Austin Film Festival in October with my package material. You can see that there is quite a bit, if you go to the website.

I will be more active on the blog, as I have more to share with you. I know, I have been very lax and I want to change that.

In abundant blessings to you all.

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