October in Full Swing

What an inspiring and dynamic October it has been. I am still trying to absorb the implications that it has brought forward. I am digesting the information and resolving to implement the learning.

Revisiting last month’s blog…From The Heart Productions provides a tax exempt funding platform that I will use for donations that come in from their promotions. I will continue to use the Friends of the MicroCosmic Cartoon Show 501c3 for investments and donations that go through the PayPal link on the bottom of the website. This may be just for the interim, until I figure out the best way to create the most efficient channel.

Carole Dean, the CEO and President of From The Heart Productions has read the screenplay and said:

“Best of luck on your brilliant film.”

All the kudos are accumulating and bringing me encouragement when I am feeling overwhelmed and dejected about how long a project of this scope takes. It is hard to keep going with the little financial resources that I have. But, by Grace, I do as much as I can. Well, writing a blog doesn’t cost anything and I am able to share the ups and downs with you all.

The major UP for me in October was going to the Austin Film Festival. This is a packed-full-of-writers festival and major industry players are there to scout the new talent and share an incredible wealth of expertise and experience. There were about a dozen panels going on continuously and concurrently throughout in several large venues. I heard it said that in mid-October, Hollywood empties out and heads for Austin. There are over a thousand writers and several thousand script submissions. Mine did not win a second-rounder or finalist, but I felt that it was important to go, never-the-less. I am so glad I did.

I attended many panels and got to ask my questions to well known writers, producers, and agents. One panel was called, Drawing Back the Curtain. The heads of the animation studios for Pixar, DreamWorks, Marvel, Disney, and Sony were the panelists. Not one to remain quiet with such an opportunity, I piped up.

“How would you work with an animated/ live action musical?” I asked. Bryan Davidson, of Disney, wanted to know what is driving the film. I answered that it is the animation and added that it is Mary Poppins meets Beauty and the Beast meets My Dinner With Andre. They perked up.

The Head of Animation at DreamWorks asked me to send my script though my lawyer and the representative from Pixar/Disney said for me to email her. It is a crack in the otherwise impenetrable fortress of the industry. Now, once again, I wait for responses. The American Film Market is in full swing right now and all the focus is there.

So..that’s the news for now, folks. More will be forthcoming on the blog but if you want a bit more of an insider peek, sign up for the news-letter on the website.

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