Jumping In

I have been standing on a ledge for quite a while, not too high, but higher than I’ve ever stood before. Besides all the rewrites, I have been learning about the production end of the film industry. How incredibly complicated it is. So, one aspect is the need to organize the screenplay into a form that is easily workable.

If you don’t know, I am the co-author and producer of The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show, an animate symph-rock-tronic feature film, in development.

I have several major pieces for production in place, like business plans, key art, Section 181 tax incentives, a 501C3, awards at International Film Festivals, and a great new website. Also, a portion of the mountain of learning. But, what was the next element to focus on?

Basic to the whole shebang, is getting the screenplay part of it into the best form I can, so it will be taken seriously by the industry. I have started the Professionals Program with Voyage Media. I am, specifically working with Bonnie Solomon (Walden Media, Voyage Media, and DreamWorks) in preparing what I need.

Today, I submitted the first draft of the outline of the whole script. Surya helped me put it together. On Friday, we will meet with Bonnie on Skype and we will revise what needs to be revised. I will take it step by step with her guidance. She is very much aligned with the intention and message in the movie and knows how to prepare the package for the best reception in the market. I have jumped into the Pool of Professionalism at a new depth. I am grateful that I have this opportunity.

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