Happy Thanksgiving

We find ourselves in the midst of a period in history where the sands are shifting and
a new paradigm is emerging. It is an exciting time and an uncertain time. But it is a
time of great expectation.

John Bennett, my teacher of the Fourth Way Work in England, was preparing us for
this time in the early ‘70s. Although the transition may be unsettling for many and
difficult for most in some way, it is a time when we can embrace our own individual
transformation as well as that of the planet.

We are being asked to look at our identifications and our attachments. Do we really
need a mansion in Malibu? Guess not! It is a time to “Let go and let God”, as it were.
So….I am thankful that the time has come to reach into the aspects of ourselves that
we do not always acknowledge. We will find our strengths and see our weaknesses.
We will learn about compassion and what is truly important in our lives.

Prosperity is a state of mind, and I am feeling enormously prosperous. I have the
long awaited executive producer for The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show, come onto the
team. He is Jack Binder, a veteran in the movie industry with a knowledge of every
aspect of production. His latest movie, First Reformed, starring Ethan Hawke, is on
the New York Times top ten list for movies in 2018.

I have just returned from the whirlwind of the American Film Market in Santa
Monica, where I met with so many producers, composers, sales agents, and the like.
7,000 creative people holding the vision of bringing entertainment to you, the public.
It was a very successful week for me and I will be reporting back to you on what
outcomes evolve in the next weeks and months.

That being said, we are asking for production donations to keep moving forward.
What that looks like is attaching the director and talent and then all those who make
up the crew. Do you ever marvel at the number of people it takes to make a movie?
Lists upon lists in the credits. I am so grateful for those who have stepped up to help
this endeavor.

I am grateful for my beautiful family of my own four (grown) children and my eight
grandchildren. I am grateful for this wonderful town of Paonia where I can feel at
ease in the quietude of the mountains, orchards, and rolling landscape.

I am equally grateful for my extended Craver family and the new addition of River
West Craver, born October 24 th .

Blessings to all of you!

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