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Prema Rose Productions presents visually compelling and provocative animated and live action movies that will deepen our understanding of who we are and serve to enrich and inspire our lives.
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Movie buffs from all over the world are relishing the fare at the numerous international film festivals. One resource I discovered is If you have a hand, or even a finger, in making and promoting movies, you will get a full scope view of the creative work of amazing artists on a global scale. What is a movie without an audience? Plug into the festivals that attract you and support them while savoring the cinematic delectables.
With all the available platforms for distribution that we have these days, movies of all genres are instantly beamed to our device of choice. Do you think we are getting culturally lazy? I still love making an event of going to a movie theater, watching the previews…yes, I like the coming attractions to know what I will want to plug into and what I will avoid. I do not want to eat popcorn or such, as it is too distracting for the immersive experience I want in a theater.
A note on my own production of The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show…I am in the umpteenth iteration of the screenplay with Surya Rose (my daughter) and we are excited about the new songs, scenes, and character development as it is emerging in its fullness. In March, I will begin the more advanced collaboration with Voyage Media’s Professionals Program. I will work more with Bonnie Solomon (DreamWorks and Walden Media) and position the project for presentation at AFM (American Film Market) in November.
Funding is an essential component to get this spectacular movie made, so check out all that we are offering for investment and donation opportunities. Together we can lift the consciousness of Humanity and delight millions.