Faith in Film International Screenwriting Contest Win!

I am delighted to announce that The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show has been awarded one of the two finalist wins in the Faith in Film Screenwriting Contest.

The are saying that the script is “Fantastic…Absolutely brilliant”.

What an honor this is. They are sending the script out to several top studios. Hopefully this will translate into an option. Now it is a waiting game. Things move very slowly and patience is the name of the game. For someone who is always wanting to move forward, it is hard for me to tread water.

Of course there is plenty to keep me busy with writing letters to supporters and industry professionals. I am still looking for development funds, as my big push at this time is being able to make offers to a director, a musical director, and the A list talent. I do want to bring on co-producers also. It takes many people to mount a production. To approach a sales agent or distributor, I need to have at least one A-lister attached to the project.

Do you ever wonder at the number of producers named on the credits of a movie?

Each has his/her own role to play in the development of a project.

Jack Binder is my Executive Producer and there may be others as we go on. Although this is a mid-budget movie, it is still many millions of dollars to get it made and distributed. There is, of course, all the small expenses in the cost of doing business (CODB), so that is where I am focusing at the moment, so I can pay for all the print and advertising (P&A), etc…

In the fall, I will be going to Oaxaca, Mexico to accept an award and then Santa Monica for the 2019 AFM. On the road again…

Have a glorious Spring, as we are enlivened by the new life all around!

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