Back From a Blog Break

Helloooo out there…..!

I am emerging into the bright light of the blogosphere once again. This hiatus has been a long stretched out hibernation, but spring is pushing up new sprouts and I feel my writing fingers starting to twitch.

Not that I haven’t been writing…just not stuff that would be of interest to you. I mostly write letters to potential funders for The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show. The money that comes in is the way I can keep this production moving forward.

Hey, did you see Zootopia? I sometimes feel that I have been dropped into the Slothland slowmo-hole. Then other times, I think that the weeks are just flying by and here it is, mid February and I am just now getting to write this blog.

I must confess that the whole political show has absorbed my brain and all my creative juices have been sucked dry. But, dear friends, it is such a good exercise in staying objective and watching the Cartoon Show. President Trump is the Ringmaster in this Circus of Life…that is, when he is not playing the clown. Just watch, folks! “Whatever you think it is, it’s much bigger than that!” (The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show)

Seriously though, it is galvanizing the country to take a strong stand for our values and ideals. This takes courage and fortitude, not to mention resiliency. It is we who will make America great again, for what is America but a collective of Americans. And we will be strong in our highest visioning and integrity, one American at a time.

On a lighter note, I have brought Bianca Rose onto the production team as Production Coordinator. I was swamped with the nitty-gritty of running this show and Bianca is a great match for my needs. Besides being a soprano of the highest caliber, she is versed in many computer and office abilities. We are reorganizing my computer files and real world files. How do you eat an elephant?

I have finished my investor’s pitch sizzle reel and will post it as soon as I have cleared it through From The Heart Productions, my fiscal sponsors. The 501C3 tax exempt donations will be run through their program to advance filmmakers who are creating movies for the benefit of the world.


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