The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show


Hello all of you out there in MicroCosmic Cartoon land. Have you wondered why I call it The MicroCosmic Cartoon Show? It is really very simple and enormously complex at the same time.

We first have to look at what this “reality” is that we are living in. We inhabit a teeny, tiny corner of a vast Universe, no more than a blip on the screen of existence. Hence, in comparison to the hugeness of the Cosmos, we are a miniscule moment of egocentricity, nothing more than an illusion of space and time.

And yet, here we are in flesh and blood, living lives and creating circumstances that make up the paradigm that we call the World. The truth is that this is just a reflection of parallel worlds, the Macrocosm if you will. Therefore, this is the Microcosm of the Macrocosm. The worlds within worlds, within worlds influence our story of life on Planet Earth. We are constantly evolving our understanding and experience. We have now discovered liquid water on Mars. ( True, it is different from what we consider water here, but nonetheless, water.

What about the other multitudes of dimensions that support consciousness in other parallel universes? We know so little about the Macrocosm. Our arrogant little selves are so wrapped up in this illusion that we become deluded. Let’s break open the cocoons of our minds and emerge into the Mind. Letting go of our cherished Sacred Cows is perhaps the hardest assignment of all, but think of the wide vistas to explore! Here, in this microcosm of existence, the possibilities are profound.

And, my friends, is this not a Cartoon Show? We act and live our Cartoon lives, saying the lines that are written for us, coloring in the actions that perpetuate the story, and giving our life blood to the themes and the memes. Do we have enough courage to create our own cartoon story? What if? How would this cartoon play out?

We become so engrossed in the Show that we buy into the content. Step back. For whose benefit is this Show? Now, there’s a subject to explore.


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